What is Social Bureau

Step into the forefront of crime prevention with Social Bureau, a blockchain based social media platform. Utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology and community engagement, we’re revolutionizing the fight against crime. In this article, we’ll explore Social Bureau’s crime suppression feature, consisting of two key steps: crime reporting and bounty hunting. These activities offer users the opportunity to earn tokens while contributing to community safety.

In a world where crimes occur daily, waiting for victims to report incidents may not suffice. Social Bureau’s crime reporting feature empowers vigilant users to anonymously report crimes. Utilizing a Zero-Knowledge Proof system ensures complete anonymity, safeguarding users’ identities. Once verified by our inspectors, crime reporters receive the JUTC reward tokens, incentivizing continued vigilance within the community.

As reports flood in, informants or entities can initiate bounties, offering the JUTC tokens as rewards for task completion. When a bounty is posted, 10% of the total amount contributes to the Social Bureau treasury, while the remaining 90% forms the reward pool shared among bounty hunters who assist in task completion. Each bounty hunter receives a portion of the JUTC rewards based on the quality of their work, as determined by the community’s Quality Vote results.

While bounties incentivize individuals to prioritize tasks, users can also post tasks without offering rewards to contribute to community safety. In addition to bounties, users may provide supplementary information essential for resolving cases, such as the crime’s location, suspect identities, or technical details like IP addresses. This collaborative effort ensures comprehensive data gathering and enhances the effectiveness of crime suppression efforts within our communities. 

Join us today in our mission to create safer communities with Social Bureau. Whether it’s reporting crimes, participating in bounty hunts, or sharing valuable information, your contribution matters. Together, we can build a network of vigilant members watching out for each other’s safety. Take action now and make a difference with Social Bureau!