Virtual Crime can trouble you as well

Uncertainty is that the law protects actual human beings, not virtual avatars or the software codes.

Online trolling and cyberbullying happen frequently in Web2 and leave us questioning whether there is a line between freedom of expression and cybercrime. There is nothing new in Web2, and it will happen in Web3.

Stalking and menacing harassment in the metaverse can incur speech-related charges in the real world. Next, we will analyze whether it is allowed by law or protected. However, police cannot do anything because we cannot frame the location exquisitely cyberbullying happens on which territory, and the victim cannot chase after the criminal as there is no actual association that closely pays attention to this issue.

The Social Bureau can solve this problem as we offer a feature where informants can report crimes; for another level, they can earn from these tasks. The more victims report the crimes, the vast data will become. One man cannot change the world, but together, we will pave the road to a better community.


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