Become a Social Bureau Influencer today

Social Bureau Influencer

Are you an influencer with a following of over 1,000 people? Do you want to make a positive impact while earning exciting rewards? Social Bureau is looking for passionate influencers like you to help spread the word about our mission to create safer communities. Here’s how you can benefit by becoming a Social Bureau influencer to promote Social Bureau to your audience.

Social Bureau Influencer Benefits

By partnering with Social Bureau, you can enjoy a range of exclusive benefits designed to reward your efforts and engagement:

1. Monthly Lottery Tickets

Share about Social Bureau on your social media platforms, and you’ll receive 20 lottery tickets every month. These tickets give you a chance to win in our monthly lucky draw, which features a prize pool equivalent to at least $3,000 in JUTCX.

2. Referral Rewards

Encourage your friends to join Social Bureau and start reporting crime incidents. For each friend who signs up and reports a case, you’ll earn 20 lottery tickets. The more friends you refer, the more tickets you accumulate, increasing your chances of winning in the monthly draw.

3. One-Time Promotional Bonus

As a special thank you for your initial promotion, you’ll receive a bonus of $50 worth of JUTCX the first time you promote Social Bureau on your social media. This bonus is a token of our appreciation for your support in spreading awareness about our platform.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Promote Social Bureau

Create engaging posts about Social Bureau on your social media accounts. Share the mission, benefits, and opportunities our platform offers to the community. Tag with #SocialBureauIn2024

Step 2: Refer Friends

Invite your followers and friends to join Social Bureau. Explain how they can contribute to making their communities safer by reporting crime incidents.

Step 3: Earn Rewards

Watch your lottery tickets and JUTCX balance grow as you continue to promote Social Bureau and refer friends. Participate in our monthly lucky draw and enjoy the rewards.

Why Promote Social Bureau?

Social Bureau is dedicated to empowering individuals to report crimes and verify information, creating a decentralized and community-driven approach to crime prevention. By promoting Social Bureau, you’re not only helping to build safer neighborhoods but also contributing to a platform that rewards active community participation.

Don’t Wait to Enjoy These Benefits!

Take advantage of this opportunity to be a Social Bureau influencer. Share, refer, and earn while making a tangible difference in the safety of your community.

Join Social Bureau today and start earning rewards for your influence!