Social Bureau’s Data Anatomy

For the Background Check feature, the Social Bureau’s  search engine will run each search on the following three primary data source:

  1. Social Bureau’s own database. The pieces of crime information reported by victims and community members that have been verified by Social Bureau Inspector with proof-of-stake and Quality Vote System will be extracted and stored in the Social Bureau’s Database
  2. Partner’s databases. As an open platform for crime databases, Social Bureau allows anyone to anonymously sell their crime data on Social Bureau Platform by connecting their API’s to Social Bureau’s using only Metamask wallet address. 
  3. Open-source databases. The Social Bureau search engine also runs the search on open-source databases to make sure that the search should cover as many available sources as possible.

Also, anyone with the data in hand can monetize by selling to the Social Bureau, and the data owner can set up the price themselves. Link to report: