Report Crime and Earn Rewards with Social Bureau

Report crime and earn rewards

At Social Bureau, we believe in the power of community to combat crime and ensure safety. As a decentralized crime investigation platform, we are excited to introduce new incentive programs for both informants and inspectors. By participating in these programs, you can help make our communities safer while earning valuable rewards.

Be an Informant: Report Crime and Earn Rewards

Social Bureau is now ready to assist victims of crime and anyone who wants to report crime incidents as informants. Your contributions can significantly impact the identification and apprehension of perpetrators. Here’s how you can benefit:

How It Works:

Report Incidents: Whenever you report a crime incident, you earn a lucky draw ticket. If the incident is verified by an inspector as true, you receive one ticket.

Upload Evidence: Enhance your report by uploading evidence such as photos, video clips, or phone numbers of the perpetrator. Each piece of evidence (one photo, two video clips, and one phone number) earns you four additional tickets.


Monthly Lucky Draw: Participate in our monthly lucky draw on the 18th of every month, starting April 18, 2024, with a prize pool equivalent to at least $3,000 in JUTCX.

Future Passive Income: Your verified information can generate future income. When someone runs a background check and buys your piece of verified information, you earn a proportionate fee from the purchase.

By reporting crimes and providing valuable evidence, you not only help bring justice but also stand a chance to win substantial rewards.

Join the Inspector Community: Verify Information and Earn More

Social Bureau also invites cyber detectives to join our Inspector Community. As an inspector, your role is to verify the information reported by informants. By staking JUTCX on a package of your choice, you can access reported crime incidents and earn rewards based on your contributions.

How It Works:

  1. Stake JUTCX: Choose a package to stake and join the Inspector Community.
  2. Verify Information: Access the reported crime incidents and verify their authenticity.
  3. Earn Lucky Draw Tickets: Receive tickets based on the tier of your stake once you successfully verify the information.

Reward Tiers:

Tier 1: Stake 20,000 JUTCX (≈ $67.76) to receive 10 lucky draw tickets.

Tier 2: Stake 100,000 JUTCX (≈ $338.8) to receive 55 lucky draw tickets.

Tier 3: Stake 500,000 JUTCX (≈ $1694) to receive 130 lucky draw tickets.

By joining the Inspector Community, you help ensure the accuracy of crime reports while earning significant rewards through our tiered system.

Join Social Bureau Today

Social Bureau is dedicated to creating a safer community through collective effort and incentivized participation. Whether you’re reporting crimes or verifying information, your contributions are vital. Join us today to make a difference and earn valuable rewards.

Together, let’s build safer communities and create a brighter future for all.