Jandra Token Banner by Social Bureau

In Sanskrit, Jandra means the moon which symbolizes the light that cuts through the darkness of the night and also symbolizes hope for victims of crime. The JANDRA (JUTC) token is the utility token of the Social Bureau Platform, a decentralized blockchain based victim centered justice system, aimed at helping victims of crime to seek moral justice through community collaboration, without having to go through the traditional judiciary system.

JANDRA (JUTC) token holders have rights to participate in making decisions on our platform and the future development of our ecosystem. JUTC tokens will be used to pay fees for the background checks feature, as a reward provided to Inspectors who help validate the accuracy of the information reported to the platform, as the main token to stake as a reward on the bounty hunting feature, as collateral for taking out loans on our platform, as the currency to provide donations to victims that need our help, and for many other functions. JUTC tokens can also be earned as rewards for Liquidity Providers in our Liquidity Pools or purchased by swapping other cryptocurrencies on “Social Bureau Finance”, our Decentralized Exchange. More than 70% of the token supply is allocated for the Social Bureau’s community.

Our features to achieve decentralized moral justice

Crime Reporting – available for testing, active soon

  • Allows anyone to report a crime anonymously with integrity and consideration.
  • Uses AI to evaluate the credit of the source of information, analyze and process crime data and evaluate the confirmation of information.
  • Users earn credit by truthfully and accurately reporting crimes and validating information, which can be redeemed into real money.

Bounty Hunting
 – active on Q2 2022

  • Allows the victim of a crime to offer a bounty to anyone who can complete an assigned task.
  • Bounty Hunters can leverage the resources produced and collected by Social Bureau’s AI and big data systems, along with information submitted by other users to complete their tasks and earn rewards.
  • Results of their investigations must first be verified before final submission to the victims.
  • The Bounty Hunter who submits the task earns the majority of the bounty and Social Bureau members who verify the results will share a portion of the bounty.

Background Checks – active on Q2 2022

  • Allows people, businesses, and agencies to check the criminal record or review of an entity before committing to any transaction


Business and Trademark Registration – active on Q2 2022

  • Assists users and new businesses to register their trademarks on the blockchain. Users must provide sufficient evidence to prove the unique nature of their trademark, and the community will help to scour the internet to review and ensure that they are the original creators of the trademark.
  • Once approved, they will be registered on our site, and shown on the blockchain as proof that they are the first and original creators and owners of the trademark.