Get to know Social Bureau

“Together for a Better Community”

The Decentralized moral justice platform serves the society with solid attention to solving the main 4 problems:

  1. The overlapped international jurisdiction system – the different laws from the various places make it harder to bring justice to the victim due to the long process of Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties or MLAT as it takes a large number of resources to officially accuse someone of committing a crime in a law court. Another strategy to solve this is to encourage the power of cooperation of the Internet community in sharing their information and investigation skills.
  1. Centralized databases are only accessible via government personnel, and limited access is available to the public; moreover, without the eyes on them, the data in centralized databases can be manipulated. A decentralized platform will be able to close these gaps.
  1. With little space to let the victims, the witnesses, or the stakeholders speak, they will potentially be threatened after expressing their opinions about the crime and the political spectrum. The Social Bureau removes the barriers of every nation, allows everyone to share their crime data and criminal information anonymously, and provides full access transparently and equally.
  2. The difficulty of recovering the cross-border stolen assets. The process typically takes years with a lot of effort and resources just to be compensated for some of the damages. Social Bureau has the feature to blacklist verified criminals with or without a bounty, and they can share the blacklist with the public via social media platforms. Due to the visibility, it is challenging for them to carry out transactions or conduct regular commercial interactions in real life. They want to negotiate and resolve their dispute with the victim. For the sake of the victim’s security, the negotiation and settling process can only be done via the encrypted communication channel and smart contract provided by the Social Bureau to ensure the security of the victim and the trustworthiness of both parties. Once the process is completed, the Blacklist status of the perpetrator will be changed to “Reported but settled.”

Social Bureau encourages everyone to engage on the platform for a Better Community. Social Bureau’s platform is built for cybercommunity engagement with the benefit of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology.

Social Bureau flags to fight and prevent crime without dealing with the different laws and regulations. The users can anonymously play various roles: an informant, an inspector, and a donator. Everyone can be a part of a Better Community by reporting a crime and enlarging the database to prevent the percent chance of increasing victim visibility and awareness.