Get to know Dispute Resolution Feature

Social Bureau introduces a groundbreaking Dispute Resolution feature, inspired by the principles outlined by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). WIPO defines arbitration as a process where parties voluntarily submit their dispute to one or more arbitrators, who then render a binding decision. By opting for arbitration, parties choose a private and efficient method of resolving conflicts, bypassing the traditional court system.

Traditional arbitration procedures often entail significant time and resource expenditure, placing a burden on involved parties. Delays in scheduling hearings, lengthy proceedings, and administrative complexities can prolong the resolution process unnecessarily. Such inefficiencies can exhaust resources and prolong the period of uncertainty for disputants, hindering their ability to move forward.

At Social Bureau, we revolutionize dispute resolution by harnessing the collective wisdom of the cyber community. Our streamlined process empowers users to seek resolution with clarity and efficiency. To initiate resolution, disputing parties must provide clear evidence supporting their arguments. Community members interested in participating in the resolution process stake JUTC tokens as a commitment to making informed judgments. These stakeholders carefully consider the evidence and vote on the outcome, ensuring a fair and impartial resolution. The results of each resolution are permanently recorded on the blockchain, guaranteeing transparency and creating a reference point for future disputes. By embracing decentralization and community involvement, Social Bureau sets a new standard for accessible, reliable, and transparent dispute resolution services.

By joining our blockchain based social media platform, you contribute to a global community committed to fair and efficient dispute resolution. Our online arbitration system transcends international jurisdictional barriers and physical constraints, accelerating the resolution process for all parties involved. Embrace the power of blockchain technology and community-driven decision-making to achieve swift, transparent, and equitable outcomes today.