3 Roles anyone can play anonymously in Social Bureau

Every role in the Social Bureau happens on the Zero Knowledge Proof system for security and privacy, except a donor. They can choose to reveal their identity if they prefer.

Read more about Zero Knowledge Proof: https://discord.gg/ywECnURGBR 

  1. Informant

The victim or anyone who is willing to provide the information to the Social Bureau. An Informant can report a crime with consideration to build up his/her reliability score on Social Bureau without the need to sync a MetaMask wallet before the report unless he/she wants to earn incentives from the platform and other users. Also, they retain no identity conveying to the Social Bureau.

  1. Inspector

This position fits perfectly well for anyone who has an ability to verify the information reported by an Informant. A job is to prove that the information in the Informants’ report is correct, incorrect, or unable to determine. The inspectors can also vote for or against a raised issue in the Community Court, Community Consensus using Social Bureau’s Quality Vote System (We will talk about what the community court and community consensus are next.) A person who chooses to investigate the cases can remain anonymous.

One thing an inspector needs to do is to stake JUTC, Social Bureau’s governance token, to promise they will investigate honestly. If the inspector proves the case correctly, they can earn JUTC as a reward, and if they prove the case incorrectly, they will lose the staking amount.

  1. Donator

A donor financially supports the victims in JUTC currency and conducts the transaction via MetaMask. The donator fits perfectly well for anyone who wants to participate in the Social Bureau. They can donate to support the victim without revealing their identity or themselves to the public.