3 Reasons why you need the Background Check before doing the business

Background Check is a Social Bureau feature that enables users to run the history of their next candidate, business partner, or personal business as soon-to-be boyfriend or girlfriend. Background Check enables us to see things hidden under the rug in activities in general and significant matters.

  1. Know the background of your business partner.

Before concluding that you will buy their products or services or being a shareholder in one’s company, make sure you do not do business with a criminal, or you may allegedly become part of a money laundering ring.

  1. Know the background of your candidate.

Agencies can use Social Bureau’s Background Check to be sure that their next candidate is not a perpetrator or does not have an undesirable behavior of recruiting him/her into your enterprise or granting him/her important rights such as a visa to the country or a mortgage.

  1. Reduce the potential to become a victim.

For any status that you are going to take a step in, a supervisor, a subordinate, a business partner, a life partner, a lender, a borrower, a seller, or a buyer, rechecking the unwanted background of a partner can reduce the chance you are falling for the criminals’ tricks.

Let’s go through this feature together. Visit the Background Check link: https://check.socialbureau.io/  

The homepage will take you to search with various jigsaws: a bank account number, ID number, wallet address, mobile phone number, name-surname, wallet address, IP address, social media, juristic person registration number, tourism business license, commercial registration number.

2 easy steps to use the background check:

1. Put the details in the search row; in this case, we put the name and surname of the suspicious person and press search.

2. We have found the latest cheat report that the criminal led the victim to buy the fake garment on 2 October 2022 with the 58,000 Thai baht total damage account.

The details in the table are the sample information for everyone to search and acknowledge. If individual or business sectors need in-depth information about the crime, they must purchase the data in JUTC, Social Bureau’s governance token.
Also, the Social Bureau welcomes another report. If users have more information about the case you are looking for or any claim, press the Report Cheating to add more details.