Social Bureau Question

What is Bounty Hunting feature?

This feature allows the victim of a crime or an entity to offer a bounty to anyone who can complete an assigned task. Bounty Hunters can leverage the resources produced and collected by Social Bureau’s AI and big data systems, along with information submitted by other users to complete their tasks and earn rewards. Results of their investigations must first be verified by the Inspector through a Quality Vote process before final submission to the task setters. 90% of the bounty will go to the reward pool share. The Bounty Hunters who help complete the task will receive their share of rewards according to the proportion of their work, that the community has rated as “Useful” through the counting of the Quality Vote results, and the other 10% will go to the Social Bureau treasury. Read more here (ฝั่ง link Whitepaper หัวข้อ Bounty Hunting)