Social Bureau Question

What are the roles that users can participate in on Social Bureau platform?

There are 3 roles in which users can participate, Informant, Inspector, and Donator.

1. What does an Informant do?

An informant is a user who is willing to provide information to the Social Bureau. Users aren’t required to have a Metamask wallet to be informants, although they might miss out on some features or rewards in the form of JUTC. In the event that users want a reward such as JUTC, they have to connect their wallet with Social Bureau.

2. What does an Inspector do?

An Inspector is a user who mainly validates information from an informant and votes. To be an inspector, users need to stake JUTC with the Social Bureau, with a promise that the inspector will perform the work honestly and with consideration.

3. What does a Donator do?

A donator is a user who would like to support a victim coming to the platform, by donating JUTC. To be a donator, users have to connect their wallet with Social Bureau in order to donate to the platform. They can choose to reveal themselves to the public or stay anonymous.