Social Bureau Question

How does Bounty Hunting work for Victims?

  1. Create a Task: Victims can explain the nature of the crime or an issue that has happened to them. They can then determine the type of task that they would like our cyber community to perform.
  2. Determine Task Criteria: Victims can determine what types of criteria they wish for the community to complete.
  3. Set a Deadline: Victims can then set a timeframe and deadline for completing the tasks.
  4. Stake a Reward: At this step, Victims will need to determine and put the reward into escrow using JUTC, 90 percent of the reward will be paid to Informants who help complete the task, which will be based on the Quality Vote that they have received, and 10 percent will go to the Social Bureau platform.
  5. Completion of Tasks Before Deadline: Our community will set out to complete the tasks before the stated deadline, and will submit the results to be verified.
  6. Task Completed: Tasks will be fully verified and completed.
  7. Release of funds: The reward that was put into escrow will be released to the specified parties, according to their contribution.

Victims can also request the assistance of our customer service to guide them throughout the Victim Reporting process.